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Appreciating Australian “Fine Art Prints”

We’re all familiar with “fine art”, but what are “fine art prints”? How do they differ from other reproductions, such as chromogenic silver halide “c-prints”? 

The technical term “fine art print” refers to the materials used and how these prints are produced. These archival pigment giclée prints rely on superior-quality pigment-based inks on acid-free fine art paper. In addition, unlike c-prints, artists create these “fine art” or “pigment” prints without chemicals or light sensitivity, using large format equipment.

Why Choose Fine Art Prints From Australia’s Leading Artists?

Why is this production method notable and desirable? The giclée printing process yields durable, fade-resistant outcomes. Images won’t wear, crack, or turn yellow, which is ideal for preserving masterpieces on display in galleries and museums, as an artist, and for investors.

Archival pigment printing can be more expensive than c-prints, which are predominantly glossy and ideal for volumes. Giclée printing facilitates various finishes on surfaces such as canvas, watercolour, and true matte papers, including metallic, lustre, and glossy. In addition, these reproductions yield superior colour, depth, detail and reduced shine and glare.

Maintaining Your Fine Art Prints Purchased Online

When celebrating leading Australian artists with fine art prints, at work, at home, or as an investor, proper care of these high-end pieces will extend their longevity. Keep them away from moisture and out of direct sunlight. When storing them, avoid stacking, and wrap them in acid-free paper in a sealed container.

Fine Art Prints for Sale in Our Online Gallery

Our Studio One Noosa gallery offers investment and display-quality fine art prints from eight sought-after local and coastal artists. These talented creators include Jeremy Tanner, Michelle Rudder, Debra Hutton, Juanita van den Bergh, Collie Crawford, Colin Passmore, Catherine Inglis, and Richard Donelly. Browse and explore our collection today.

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