Collection: ARTIST - Bronwyn Barton - Fine Art Prints

I began painting in 2008 with no formal art training but with a desire to learn and have fun.

Over the years I had enjoyed 'making things' but picking up a paintbrush was for me the beginning of a love affair where time passes in the blink of an eye, where I am transported away from the ordinariness of everyday life.

I'm not afraid to experiment or break the rules as I've learned that this can lead to amazing moments of surprise and joy. 

I am inspired by the natural sub-tropical bush setting I call home, the colours, the shapes, textures, lines, shadows, and reflections. You will see some or all of these in my work regardless of whether the piece is abstract or more representational. My artworks are characterised by the many layers as I explore the idea of looking through, into, and between the objects within each piece. 

I love colour and try to push the boundaries to create artwork that is striking from a distance but provides so much more when you get in close.