Collection: ZZZ-ARTIST - Ashvin Harrison - Fine Art Prints

Ashvin Harrison is an Internationally acclaimed Australian artist living in Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Ashvin’s truely unique artwork creations stem from his creative made up and self taught techniques. Ashvin uses coconut charcoal dust, oil paint and splashes of acrylic, combining them into artworks that are designed to capture the beauty of everyday encounters, feelings and fantasies. Harrison’s unique style combined with his keen attention to detail has led to rapid global popularity since becoming a professional artist in 2017.

Ashvin’s unique art style has been featured in multiple magazine articles, TV shows, news articles and catalogs around the world. Ashvin’s paintings are held in private and corporate collections in 40+ countries and 100+ cities. He continues to explore deeper and wider into his artistic mind and create works which examine human condition and purpose in life. Ashvin uses his previous negative life experiences and his conditions such as misophonia and PTSD to power his emotional creative drive.

Today, Ashvin creates artworks on a daily bases with inspiration drawing from the world around him. Ashvin also composes orchestral works with a recent creation set for performance in California, USA.