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Explore Original Art for Sale in Australia

Australia enjoys a uniquely rich and diverse cultural heritage, yielding some of the world’s most arresting and idiosyncratic art. Collectors, investors, and residents covet outstanding original art for sale in Australia, from Indigenous masterpieces to contemporary wonders...

Discover Original Indigenous Art From Australia, Online

Our most iconic art hails from our Indigenous heritage. These ancient, often enigmatic creations represent the oldest known continuous art tradition. Historically, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art encompasses rock engravings, sculptures, carvings, and dot painting – highly expressive, symbolic, figurative, spiritual, and cultural.

Modern works from around 5,000 active artists continue to embrace this approach, the most famous and familiar technique being dot painting. This vibrant segment of the national art community is booming, boasting numerous local and international solo exhibitions and various prestigious awards. Among the leading artists in this category are Yhonnie Scarce, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Alison Munti Riley, Vernon Ah Kee, Daniel Boyd, Rusty Peters, and Jeremy Tanner.

Contemporary Original Paintings for Sale

Other contemporary Australian masters include Juanita Van Den Bergh, Michelle Rudder, Debra Hutton, Colin Passmore, Catherine Inglis, and Collie Crawford. Like traditional and Indigenous creations, modern Australian paintings embrace and reflect the environment, including mood, atmosphere, water and light, spirituality, portraits, and familiar everyday scenes and situations.

Some, such as Juanita van den Bergh and Debra Hutton, render mesmerising and striking abstract and expressionist forms. Others, such as former ballerina Catherine Inglis, produce delicate realism.

Invest in Originals and Wall Art Prints in Australia

Costs for authenticated originals and limited-edition prints depend on the artist’s renown, the piece’s size, medium, quality, rarity, and more. However, your investment of thousands of dollars will pay off. The growing demand for original art for sale in Australia and its proven appreciation potential boost value and reduce risk.

So, diversify your portfolio and add impact and interest to your work and residential spaces. Browse our curated original collection today, or contact us for more information.


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