Collection: ARTIST - Margaret Ellen Turner - Originals & Fine Art Prints

Beginning her practice as a sculptor, Turner’s fascination with creating a 3D space on a flat surface led her eventually to painting, practicing as a sculptor of colour and tone rather than plaster and bronze.   As a child of late modernism, expressionism and minimalism and grounded in process and exploration of the unknown, Turners artistic outcomes are not only unexpected, but exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

Having completed 15 solo exhibitions internationally and winning 5  national art prizes, her art hangs around the world.

Space invaders
Exploring the many aspects of space … Turner creates fathomless depth with her experimentation with colour, tone and temperature.  The perspective is so great that objects within the space appear to recede whilst others leap from the work and invade personal space… ’Space Invaders’ become the embodiment of Turners amazing new works circa 2014

In 1991 Turner trained in the art of bronze casting using the lost wax process under the guidance of Vlase Nikoleski.  She would sit by an old gas kiln to tend the firing process to ensure the heat was always perfect so as not to blow her dried plaster moulds.  It was on these occasions that she would sit and sketch the crucibles stacked high on a shelf illuminated in relief by the fiery glow from the kiln… the result is pure magic.