Collection: ARTIST - Magali Feuga - Art by Mag

Originally from France, Magali is a visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast since 2018.

Growing up in an artistic environment, her creativity has always been encouraged and art has become a natural way to express herself and connect with others.

After studying in art school, her professional life took another direction, and she saw her move to Australia as the opportunity to return her entire focus to her passion.

Magali since thrives in sharing her creations and bringing emotions to people through her art.

She is passionately working at developing her current body of work and keep growing as an artist.

Driven by an enduring fascination for people, she has found a constant source of inspiration in capturing individuals, both representationally and emotionally

Alike a writer, she loves to give life to unique characters but in an apparent form.

She mixes genres and mediums to creates expressive and graphic artworks.

The use of colours, lines, stylised forms, and shapes is influenced by her love for Street Art which is a style she particularly appreciates for its ability to catch the attention and provoke thoughts.

As she progresses in her artistic journey, she tends to focus on the energy and visual impact of her work instead of the rational depiction of the subject. This approach leaves room to interpretation and gives more freedom in her creative process, allowing unconventional and original results.

She believes visuality is a form of language. A sort of philosophy of seeing which is unique to each of us.