Collection: SJ ART - Originals & Fine Art Prints

Residential and Commercial Art

SJ is an Australian artist living with autism. 

SJ is multi-layered, complex, curious and eclectic in nature, who enjoys entering new and unexplored spaces in which to create.

​What comes, is, what is, will be, what’s next…

 "I love creating art. It takes me places, usually somewhere mysterious deep inside. So essentially, what you see is a representation, commentary, insight into me. My many states of being, my mindsets, my struggles, my hopes and dreams, my observations, feelings and thoughts about the state of stuff, external and internal. I love playing with colour and concept. Not one to colour between the lines, I take my art to where it wants to go, with freedom and without fear." SJ

 SJ is embarking on a new and exciting period in his art journey. This new Collection will feature art that "captures my imagination, liberates my creativity and embraces my true essence."