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Moonlight on the Ocean Under the Stars - Original

Moonlight on the Ocean Under the Stars - Original

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Canvas 92 x 122 x 4.5cm UNFRAMED

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

‘Moonlight on the Ocean Under the Stars’ - Original artwork by SJ Art 

In a secluded corner of the vast Australian coast,
Where dreams entwine with reality the most,
There lies a tale, whispered in the breeze,
Of the "Moonlight Dance" beneath the Eucalyptus trees.
One night, a young woman, with eyes wide and bright,
Ventured to the shore, drawn by the moon's light.
The stars, like diamonds, adorned the vast dome,
While the moon's silvery sheen bathed the ocean's foam.
As midnight's chime echoed, a wonder began to unfold,
The sea sparkled with flecks of luminous gold.
From the abyss arose beings, luminous and grand,
Dancing on waves, they touched the golden sand.
With robes of moonlight, they twirled, and they spun,
Their dance a tribute to the moon, ocean, and sun.
A symphony of dreams, their melodies did play,
A ballet of the cosmos, in the galaxy's ballet.
As dawn's fingers stretched, caressing the shore,
The celestial dancers vanished, to be seen no more.
Yet in that young woman’s heart, their memory did stay,
Inspiring her art, capturing the magic of that day.
This piece, "Moonlight on the Ocean Under the Stars,"
Tells a tale of wonder, of dreams that leave no scars.
In that coastal haven, the legend will forever gleam,
A poetic dance of the cosmos, in an eternal dream.




This artwork is available now and is ready to hang. It will leave my studio within 3 business days.  If you have ordered a Frame allow an additional 3 weeks for delivery. The greatest of care is taken with all my artwork and it will be carefully wrapped and packaged for delivery within Australia.

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