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Coffee Time - Original

Coffee Time - Original

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Canvas 20 x 20 x 4.5cm UNFRAMED

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

‘Coffee Time’ - Original artwork by SJ Art 

In the quiet hours of the morning, "Coffee Time" captures the intimate ritual of awakening the senses. This painting is an ode to the beloved potion that stirs the soul and kindles the spirit. The rich, dark brew stands centre stage, a glass vessel cradling the elixir of the gods. 

The crescendo of the golden crema graces the surface, an island of frothy delight amidst the sea of profound, robust espresso. Surrounding it, the air is thick with whispers of roasted beans, an invisible yet palpable caress that promises warmth and comfort. Beneath the cup, the scattered coffee grounds speak to the earthy origins of this heavenly brew, a grounded reminder of the journey from soil to sip.

 You are transported to a moment suspended between the chaos of days and the peace of solitude. The painting invites you to imagine the sizzle of the espresso machine, the clink of the spoon against glass, and the first, sacred sip that sets the world into motion. It's not just a break in the day; it's a small ceremony, a luxurious pause that rejuvenates and inspires.



This artwork is available now and is ready to hang. It will leave my studio within 3 business days.  If you have ordered a Frame allow an additional 3 weeks for delivery. The greatest of care is taken with all my artwork and it will be carefully wrapped and packaged for delivery within Australia.

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