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Studio One Noosa

The River - Original

The River - Original

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Canvas 92 x 122 x 4.5cm UNFRAMED

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

‘The River’ - Original artwork by SJ Art 

In the thawing embrace of spring, "The River" emerges as a vivid narrative painted upon the canvas of the earth. This art piece captures the moment when the world stirs from its icy slumber, the first whispers of warmth coaxing colour back into the landscape. The azure expanse, rich and deep, mirrors the crisp skies above, while veins of gold and amber herald the return of the sun's tender caress.

 As the frost retreats, a vibrant river boldly carves its path, a lifeline to awakening life. Its waters, once locked away, now dance freely, shimmering with reflections of the dawn's early light. Along its banks, the remnants of winter linger in white and silver patches, a stark contrast to the river's newfound vibrancy.

 "The River" is more than a seasonal shift; it's a renewal of promise, a testament to resilience. It's a celebration of the cycles that govern the natural world, of the perpetual flow from frost to bloom. This artwork is a serene yet powerful homage to the delicate balance between the freeze and the thaw, the silent strength that resides in the droplets of a river reborn.


This artwork is available now and is ready to hang. It will leave my studio within 3 business days.  If you have ordered a Frame allow an additional 3 weeks for delivery. The greatest of care is taken with all my artwork and it will be carefully wrapped and packaged for delivery within Australia.

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