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Australian Artists’ Paintings: Modern and Abstract

The clarity of modern and abstract Australian artists’ paintings adds impact, interest, and insight to our living and working spaces. It’s a widely diverse category admired among homeowners, interior designers, galleries, and investors. Abstract styles represent the opposite of figurative and Renaissance Model art. 

These pieces are non-representational and subjective, characterised by an absence of recognisable elements. Instead, they represent creative expression through imagination, relying on shapes, lines, and colour.

Why Modern and Abstract Art?

Australian modern art offers impact, versatility, and a clean contemporary look and feel. At the same time, the modern rendering is not all sharp angles and jarring colour combinations. This exciting genre can be bold and bright or soft and subtle. 

It embraces various styles, including expressionist and Indigenous dot-point pieces. Abstract art’s appeal is broad and among the fastest-appreciating and highest-valued work globally. In addition, modern and abstract artists are among the leading contemporary Australian masters. 

Leading Australian Abstract Artists

Abstract and modern art produced in Australia can compete with the best in the world. Among these emerging and renowned painters are Michael Bond, Prudence Caroline, Leah Bartholomew, and Jessie Rigby, to name a few.

Their widely personal styles differ, ranging from detailed Aboriginal and Islander techniques to bold, broad brush strokes and from whimsical fluidity to a more stylised approach. All offer lucidity and colour – whether bright or nuanced, embracing dark moodiness or a cheerful playfulness.

Find Abstract Art in Noosa

Studio One Noosa showcases several notable local abstract artists. Discover originals and modern fine art prints in Australia from gifted creators such as Collie Crawford, Colin Passmore, Debra Hutton, and Juanita van den Bergh. So, visit our gallery or browse our curated online collection today, or get in touch with any questions.

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