Wall Art for Interior Designers

Wall Art for Interior Designers

Stores and galleries offering curated and tailored sculptures and wall art for interior designers are growing in popularity and availability. Why is there a market for customised interior design collections? The contemporary Australian interior design style is unique. It’s created around indoor-outdoor living and natural shapes and materials.

Moreover, it’s simple. While functionality is essential, minimalist, earthy, and rustic yet sophisticated styling is critical. When it comes to Australian interiors, less is more. Informed art shops, galleries, and interior design and decoration providers make selecting and integrating suitable pieces into your design and décor easier and more convenient.

Rely on Wall Art for Interior Designers

Wall art genres include realism, expressionism, and contemporary and Indigenous abstraction. However, Australian art is often idiosyncratic. It encompasses the hues of the environment – the land, sea, sky, and light, and the shades colouring our inner world – the gentle ebb and flow of The Dreaming.

Realistic Australian works capture the sometimes stark yet always emotive quality of Australian geography, nature, wildlife, and light, depicting nostalgic and charming landscapes, town scenes, animals, and people. Indigenous works are usually highly symbolic, evocative, and refreshingly distinct.

Cohesive Australian Elegance

All these reflections can help bring the outside in and thoughtfully illuminate exterior spaces, helping to accent and accentuate neutral themes and furnishings or complement bolder colour schemes. Use paintings and prints to draw the golden thread of your colour palette from space to space for consistency. Consider mixing styles for variety and texture to tell a coherent and quintessentially Australian story.

More Than Interior Design

Placing curated national and local artists’ work into homes and commercial spaces provides access and exposure to established and emerging Australian artists. Embrace this opportunity to style with unique, contemporary pieces by contacting galleries, art shops, and online providers. These dealers showcase talent and focus on introducing designers to exciting, existing, and new painters and their wall art.

Studio One Noosa: For Interior Designers Looking for Art

Our Noosaville and online gallery stock an extensive selection of local Australian art and artists in various genres and media. Before finalising your design and décor choices, please explore our inspirational collection or contact us for more detail.

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